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Edward F. Fugger

In 1972, my years of wondering who this man named Jesus really was came to fruition when I accepted Him as Lord and Savior of my life and received the indwelling (baptism) of the Holy Spirit. The Lord had miraculously moved Bettye (my wife) and I from a catastrophic business failure to a new job and location where He had prepared for us a lifeís journey to learn of and depend on Him. As I grew in His Word and Love, it became evident that the only real fulfillment in this life on earth was in sharing Jesus and the Father God with others. As I continually stepped into Him and the Fatherís provisions for our life, He provided continued opportunities to share the reality of the Truth of His Word with other individuals, families, and children as house church pastors, as church youth teachers, as family and teen retreat teachers, and through numerous missionary trips to Central America and Egypt.

In 1974, I was diagnosed with severe emphysema. I could hardly walk up three stairs before being totally out of breath. The physicians tried many different inhalant treatments with no results. As the condition worsened, I became extremely limited in any physical activity and had to sleep sitting upright in a chair during the night. If I laid horizontal as in a bed, I was not able to breath at all. Consequently, every night I would sit upright in a chair in order to breath. I would sleep a few minutes and read Godís Word a few minutes, alternating continually through the night for 2 years. The more I read that "...with His stripes we are healed" (Isaiah 53:5) and "...I am the Lord (Jehovah Rapha) that healeath thee" (Exodus 15:26), the more angry I became; not at God but at myself for being in that condition. I knew the Word was Truth. I knew I had experienced the result of that Truth in other areas of my life. I knew something was wrong and it was not the Word. I knew that I knew the "something wrong" was me!

Finally, one night after reading once again the Fatherís provision of healing and Divine health for His children, I set my Bible on the table beside the chair and simply said to the Lord, "OK, I know that I am in this condition because of me. So, what is it? Tell me what I need to do!" In a clear voice within me, the Holy Spirit simply said, "Forgive your mother". I said "What do you mean?" The Holy Spirit again said, "Forgive your mother".

Now my mother and I had a good relationship on the surface; we did not argue or have confrontations. I made sure our children visited with her and she came to visit us. All visits were very pleasant and enjoyed by all; BUT, within I knew I harbored deep resentment towards her regarding disagreements that occurred during my childhood and college days. Surely these seemingly trivial resentments and unforgiveness could not be the cause of such a lethal condition.

Once again the Holy Spirit said, "FORGIVE your mother!" "OK", I said and promptly prayed in obedience to the Fatherís Word. "Now", the Holy Spirit said, "Get up and go to bed." It was approximately 2am; for two years I had tried many times to lay down to sleep with absolutely no success in breathing. My breathing showed no signs of change after praying, but that was no longer of any significance. My choice to obey was the only point of importance. So, I got up from the chair, went into my bedroom, and laid down on the bed. My wife, knowing when I laid down I could not breath, asked what I was doing. I simply replied that I was going to bed. Within a few seconds I was sound asleep. When morning arrived, I felt like a knew person. I have had no breathing problems since that night; I was totally healed! It is important to also relate that whatever the resentments were that bound my body have also been removed from my mind and thoughts. When we are obedient to the Word, His forgiveness also provides total peace in Him.

The Father continues to bless us with revelation of the knowledge and Truth of His Word. Our life is in Him; "...in Him we move and live and have our being." (Acts 17:28) We praise Him for the continued opportunities to share Jesus and the Truth of His Word.

In Him,

Ed Fugger


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