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 SPRING   2017  Online Bible Study Announcement


Online live interactive Bible studies for individuals and small groups are offered in an online classroom setting.  All Online Bible study subjects are offered at no charge.   Workbooks have been designed specifically for each study subject with all scripture references and diagrams, pictures, and other scripture based information.  Workbooks may be downloaded at no charge from email pdf file and you may print it for your use.


When you start thinking about your 2017 SPRING schedule, we hope that you will plan to include an evening with Still Waters Ministry’s Online Bible Studies. Our SPRING schedule will include the study of GALATIANS AND COLOSSIANS. While the studies are perfect for individual at home participation, keep in mind that they can also be offered for group participation at your house church, or mid week church Bible study. If you have not yet participated in a study, you might like to know that the studies are interactive with participants from 3 time zones. All Online studies are offered at no charge. You receive an e-mail link each week to join the class. Workbooks have been designed specifically for the study subject. Workbooks may be downloaded from email pdf file at no charge.

SPRING ONLINE BIBLE STUDY COURSES will begin Monday JANUARY 9th and continue each Monday. Please Contact Us (email link) if you would like to attend the Fall study by December 31st, 2016. We will add your name and email link to join the study. Remember, we must have your e-mail address for you to log into the session.

* Individuals not able to join the Bible study sessions live can request an email link to view the video and audio recordings of the Bible study sessions.



Each Bible study session is taught online using an interactive video and audio website.  Slide presentations are used in the sessions to demonstrate principles being discussed and scriptural references.  Attendees will need a computer connected to the internet and a web cam for video.  Each individual desiring to attend one or more Bible studies will receive an email with a link to log into the Bible study session. 

 *** Examples of Online Bible Study with video and slide presentation as seen on the computer...


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