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Online College preparatory and enrichment courses for grades 7-12 are offered by the Institute for the purpose of assisting parents in subject areas that are significant for college entrance examinations and for high school graduates to have a basic fundamental knowledge of the subjects offered.  All courses relate the subject matter to scriptural principles from the Word of God.

Each course is one semester of 14 weeks in length and consists of 2 to 3 interactive one-hour classes online per week.  Students enrolled for a course will receive a web address, password, and class time to sign in to attend the live online class.  The tuition fee for each online semester course is $435.00.  In addition, enrolled students will also receive information on the text book required for the course and where they can purchase it online.

Please Contact Us (email link) with the subject names for which you would like to enroll and you will be sent enrollment information and online class times.

Online Course Subjects  

Click the Subject Category heading link in the main menu above to view the respective detail course descriptions.  SPRING semester classes will begin the first week of February; class times for each course will be determined based on the number of students enrolled by January 15.  FALL semester classes begin the first week of September; class times for each course  will be determined based on the number of students enrolled by August 15.

 Literature & Composition

History & Political Science Sciences

- Early American Literature (1600 to 1812)

- American Literature (1812 to 1875) 

- American Literature (1875 to 1935) 

- American Literature (1935 to 2000)

- Classical Literature

- Medieval Literature: Old and Middle English

- Medieval Literature: Elizabethan Era

- English Literature I: 1650-1850

- English Literature II

- Academic Writing

- Creative Writing

- World History: Classical Era

- World History: Jesus Christ to Constantine

- Medieval History: Dark Ages

- Medieval History: Renaissance 

- American History: 1492 to 1812

- American History: 1812 to 1875 

- American History: 1875 to 1935

- American History: 1935 to 1945

- American History: 1945 to 2000 

- Political Science: Governments

- Political Science: World Views


- Anatomy & Physiology

- Biblical Archeology

- Physical Science I

- Physical Science II

- Chemistry I

- Chemistry II



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