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Course Descriptions

WH01 - World History: Classical Era - This course places the Bible in historical context and helps the student to recognize the far reaching effects of the Greek and Roman cultures throughout history. Significant persons, philosophies and battles will be studied. 
(Prerequisite: None)

WH02 - World History: Jesus Christ to Constantine - The student will compare the political and social thinking of the Jews and Romans of Palestine with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The course will identify the causes of expansion of the Christian church in the first century A.D. and will help the student to understand the changes affected in the future of Europe by the Emperor Constantine.
  (Prerequisite: World History: Classical Era)

MH01 - Medieval History: Dark Ages - This course presents the Catholic World View of the Dark Ages as it conflicted with the barbarian spirit of the age through the study of the times of Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, William Wallace, and others as the nation of England was formed.
 (Prerequisite: None)

MH02 - Medieval History: Renaissance - The student will examine the development of the nations of France and Spain as compared to the city states of Italy considering the affects of the Medici family on the Renaissance movement. Leaders of the Reformation movement throughout Europe will also be identified and the affects of the Reformation on the individual nations will be compared.  (Prerequisite: Medieval History: Dark Ages)

AH01 - American History: 1492 to 1812 - Contributions of the Great Awakening to the American Revolution will be considered, and development of the Northern and Southern colonies will be contrasted in this course. The causes of the Revolutionary War will be identified, and the differing political ideas which fueled the election of 1800 will be presented in light of a developing new nation. 
(Prerequisite: None; best taken concurrently with Early American Literature)

AH02 - American History: 1812 to 1875 - This course will contrast the development of the Northern and the Southern states prior to the Civil War in the areas of: economy, transportation, communication, and the arts; it will detail the pre and post war conditions of both black and white citizens. Military strategy, important individuals, and the legacy of the Civil War will be studied. 
(Prerequisite: None)

AH03 - American History: 1875 to 1935 - Students will identify the leaders and important inventions of the Industrial Revolution. Causes of World War I, the following Bolshevik Revolution, and the Great American Depression will be discussed. 
(Prerequisite: None)

AH04 - American History: 1935 to 1945 - This course will identify the causes of World War II and will discuss the rise of Adolf Hitler to power, the alignment of world powers and the persecution of the Jews. It will compare Japanese/American relations pre and post war. 
(Prerequisite: American History: 1875 to 1935)

AH05 - American History: 1945 to 2000 - Students will identify the major scientific developments from 1860 to present and will identify the causes of both the Korean and Vietnamese Wars. The course will further explore the Civil Rights Movement and Cold War Issues. 
(Prerequisite: Junior/Senior course)

PS01 - Political Science: Governments - This course will define and compare the types of government. Students will compare the Declaration of Independence with the Communist Manifesto and the Humanist Manifesto. Students will compare the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution. 
(Prerequisite: Senior Course)

PS02 - Political Science: World Views - Students will study and consider the effects of the following world views: Muslim, Hindi, Buddhist, Christian and Humanist. 
(Prerequisite: Senior Course)


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