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Course Descriptions

SCI 101 - Anatomy and Physiology:

This course begins with the function of the cell as the basic building block of all biological systems of the body and relates God's creation order as expressed in the functioning of cell and subsequently all biological systems.  The course includes a clear explanation of how the different biological systems in the body relate and function with each other including nucleic acids, amino acids, and proteins.  It also describes the make up and role of DNA, the function process of genes, and God's order for maintenance and function of the different systems.  Biblical references of God's principles expressed in His creation of the biological functions is presented throughout the course.


SCI 102 - Biblical Archeology:

An introduction to archeological discoveries that substantiate biblical history, events, people, and cultures from creation and the Garden of Eden to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70AD.  The course also provides geographical locations and time lines of significant events, lineage charts of the people involved, and scripture references of the biblical accounts.  In essence, the course encompasses archeology discoveries with history, people, cultures, and events into a clear and concise account of biblical scripture. 


SCI 103 - Physical Science I:

This course begins with the classification of the states of matter and measurement systems for studying the physical laws God established on earth for man's benefit.  Subject areas include forces and Newton's Laws of motion, gravity, and forms of energy, simple machines and mechanical advantage, fluids and hydraulics, gas laws, heat and temperature, electricity, and magnetism. Scriptural references relate God's principles in the physical laws of His creation.


SCI 104 - Physical Science II:

This course is a continuation that includes periodic motion and waves, sound, electromagnetic energy, light and optics, and an introduction to atomic elements and related chemical properties.  God's principles in the physical laws of His creation are included throughout the course. 


SCI 105 - Chemistry I:

This course is an introduction to basic chemistry.  It introduces matter, the atom, periodic table of elements, principles of chemical bonding and compounds, chemical composition and reactions, gases, and chemical calculations.  


SCI 106 - Chemistry II:

This course is a continuation that includes solids and liquids, solutions, chemical thermodynamics and kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acids-bases-salts, oxidation-reduction, and introduces concepts of organic chemistry and biochemistry.


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