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Still Waters Institute is the educational arm of Still Waters Ministry, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to providing God centered Christian based education in pre-college academic courses and adult Bible study courses.  

Due to the positive response of parents (see letter below), the Institute is currently expanding the live online college preparatory and enrichment courses to assist additional home school and other parents of students in grades 7-12.  The courses are offered on a semester basis during the regular school year.  To view the College Prep courses offered, detailed descriptions, and/or register for the next semester, click on the College Prep Program  link in the menu.

NEW... The Institute now offers FREE live interactive online Bible Studies.  Bible subjects, descriptions, and times can be viewed by clicking the link Bible Study in the menu.

If you have any questions after reviewing the course information, please contact us.

Letter from a home school parent...

Stillwaters Biblical Institute has provided outstanding academic instruction over the past 2 years to our 12 and 14 year-old, homeschooled daughters, supplementing our studies in the areas of literature, writing, and science through interactive web classroom settings.

The literature courses have presented and analyzed literary works in conjunction with the historical atmosphere of the time in which they were written as well as in conjunction with the principles of Godís Word, giving our daughters a deeper understanding of the relationship that exists between the events of history, literature, and the spiritual condition of man. Along with the literature courses, the related writing instruction has been pivotal in teaching our daughters not only the mechanics of various forms of writing, but also the art of analysis and effective expression through the written word.

The science courses have presented and analyzed scientific facts, findings, and procedures in conjunction with their current relevance to our lives as well as in conjunction with the principles and nature of God, giving our daughters understanding that through science we see confirmation of the very nature and order of God presented in Scriptures and revealed through creation. Scientific subjects our daughters have studied with the Institute have included biology, physics, and archaeology.

Lecture, discussion, memorization and recitation, quizzes, periodic exams, and frequent reading and writing assignments have all been part of the class environments experienced by our daughters. Through the experience of its instructors, Stillwaters Biblical Institute has effectively conveyed knowledge, understanding, and excellence to our children. We feel privileged for our daughters to have studied under individuals such as Dr. Bettye A. Fugger (published author, theologian, and historian) and Dr. Edward F. Fugger (world-renown scientist, published scientific and theological author, and theologian). Our 14-year-old will be entering a large private high-school this fall as a well-prepared student; her entrance exam scores and writing skills awarded her placement in honors classes as well as an academic scholarship. Thank you Stillwaters Biblical Institute for your significant contribution to her academic success.

Leigh Smith




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