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Ed and Bettye Fugger have been called of God for the purpose of maturing the Body of Christ, establishing and maintaining Christian families, and teaching God's Covenant principles including healing and Divine health. 

For the past thirty years, Ed and Bettye have taught the Word of God in Seminary, Church, Bible school, house church, Sunday school, and Bible study settings.  They have held seminars and retreats with the focus on the family and teenage years. 

In 2006, Still Waters Ministry was formed to expand the Biblical teaching ministry and to facilitate the publication and distribution of Biblical based Christian educational material including books, booklets, audio, video and other material authored and taught by Ed and Bettye.  Sharing the revelation knowledge of God's Word and the resulting manifestation of the Truth of His Word in the believer is a major focus of the Ministry.  

Both Ed and Bettye have personally experienced God's Word of supernatural healing of major physical conditions which led to the writing of their recently published book "BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED".  Personal testimonies of Ed and Bettye are shared on this web site to the praise and glory of the Father God and the Truth of His Word!

Ed and Bettye are licensed ordained ministers of the Word of God and commit full time to the Ministry.  Ed has a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) and Bettye has a Doctorate of Theology (PhD).


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